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Business Phone Systems in Miami, FL

What Do We Do?

Bluestar Telephone Consulting, Inc. We offer business telephone systems sales, service, and repair with service nationally and globally.

Our main objective is to ensure that our clients have a dependable telecommunication provider that will allow them to focus on their area of expertise in whatever field that might be. We do our job professionally, on time and to the highest possible standards all while remaining a company keen to build long term and friendly relationships. Bluestar provides a complete telecommunications assessment based on your company’s vision, needs, growth, and our tailor made solutions will significantly improve your business.

How Do We Accomplish It?

We are the best at what we do, and can provide our customers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. When we meet our clients for a consultation we look over their phone bills, we talk to key people in the company and find the solutions that their company truly needs. We have a long term view and take every step necessary to keep our clients satisfied on all levels.

Bluestar Solutions


Needs Assessment Bluestar will prepare a recommendation for your company with the best solutions. We will evaluate your company’s current equipment, service and expenses.


Before your new telephone system goes “on-line”, your Bluestar Telephone representative will be available on-site to provide system training for all of your company staff.


With the onset of IP telephony, computer integration, and Avaya’s open standards, our remote support services have increased.


Avaya programming, easy to use support resources and management tools are what put Avaya ahead of the competition.