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NimbusWatch Router

Your first line of defense against hackers and a cyber security attack is your router.
Most routers are programmed once and never change. The NimbusWatch router communicates with other routers, sharing known hackers and instantly blocking them from attacking your network.

Ready To Go Plug & Play right out of the box. Most locations are up and running in under 15 minutes..
Live Monitoring
Perfect VoIP calls
Cyber Security
Live Updates
HIPAA and PCI Compliance

NimbusWatch Router Brochure
NimbusWatch Router


Live Monitoring

Built in tools help you monitor traffic and troubleshoot problems faster.

Perfect VoIP calls

VoIP prioritization technology ensures clear calls on any connection

Cyber Security

Using a custom detection system, it blocks malicious traffic before it starts.

Cloud Managed

All deployments and location settings are managed from one place, available on any screen size.

Live Updates

When new updates become available, you can update all sites remotely, or have them applied automatically.

Content Filtering

Built in content filtering is available
Protect from inappropriate or harmful content.

HIPAA Compliance

Protect private data like medical records and payment information with compliance ready features.


Advance wan load testing
Power Supply monitoring
Connection speed tracking

hackedIn the last 12 months, hackers have breached half of all small businesses in the United States, according to the 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report. Roughly 60% of small businesses that suffer a Cybersecurity attack go out of business within six months.
What are you doing to protect your network and your business?
Your first line of defense against hackers and a cyber security attack is your router.


Don’t be a cyber attack statistic. Use the NimbusWatch router to protect your network and your business.

Now included in the Nimbus Total Care Package

CQ IT Managed Services

Included in the Nimbus Total Care Package

The IT Managed Services offer web protection and automatic updates powered by solarWinds

Keep Users Safe

Threat protection
Bandwidth monitoring
Site blacklists
Automatic updates

CQ IT Managed Services

Solarwinds Recent Awards

Solarwinds Recent Awards

Order the NimbusWatch Router and keep you organization safe!

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