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Avaya IP Office

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When you purchase a new Avaya IP Office solution from us, our certified technicians will pre-install and configure your new phone system exactly to your company’s individual requirements. Bluestar will bench test the entire system and every telephone, all this is done before the actual delivery to assure a smooth and seamless onsite installation.

Phone System Programming

Avaya programming, easy to use support resources and management tools are what put Avaya ahead of the competition.

Avaya’s training involves full end user and administrative training that helps you get a better ROI. Some customers that don’t want to mess with phone system programming or others that want a fully managed solution turn to Bluestar Telephone for programming support to perform remote moves, adds, and changes.

International Services

Think Globally

Avaya IP Office can easily scale from 1 to 32 locations from 5 to 1000 phones; do you have several international locations? Over the years Bluestar

Telephone Consulting, Inc. has implemented and deployed many international multiple locations projects for our clients. We have strategic partnerships with companies in Latin America, the ability and expertise to build systems that are shipped pre-configured and bench tested to anywhere in the world. The system onsite installation can be as simple as plugging it in by your IT professional.

Bluestar can also make the necessary arrangements for onsite service and Installation.

Service Agreements

Your telephone system is the lifeblood of your business; Bluestar Telephone Consulting, Inc. recognizes the significance of uninterrupted communications. We offer comprehensive service agreements that will provide you with the highest level of customer satisfaction, expertise, fast response time and total peace of mind.

  • Budgeting and Savings: A service agreement will provide your company with a budget for your telephone operating costs. If any major system failures and errors occur, the service agreement would cover such incidents instead of a costly unexpected system failure.

  • Peace of Mind: Freedom from worry and hassle, we’ve got you covered. Have the assurance that if anything does happen to your system, it is covered and it will be back up and running smoothly without costly repairs.

This agreement includes the following:

  • All labor necessary to maintain the Avaya equipment in efficient operating condition. (This will include any on site, local or remote service deemed necessary by Bluestar Telephone).

  • All basic PBX and Voicemail system programming changes and support.

  • Periodic inspection of the equipment.

  • 24 hours a day service for major service interruption.

Some of our other services include:

  • System and solution design.

  • Equipment sales.

  • Implementation services.

  • Remote monitoring.

  • Post-Warranty support.

  • System software upgrades.